Childish Things
Level Number 5B
Previous Level Insanity
Next Level A Destroyed Dreams
Next Level B Wayward Dreamer

Childish Things is one of the two possible fifth levels in Neverending Nightmares. Childish Things starts of as Thomas in a child form. Player navigates through the house as normal until Thomas finds himself outside and meets Gabby. Gabby here will run away and Thomas has to chase her down. In the process of chasing, Thomas will encounter some different directions. To continue to Wayward Dreamers, player has to choose mostly the correct passages that Gabby takes. The way to know if you're going the correct passages is to try one direction first, if you don't see Gabby there talking to you, go back and take the other one. If player does it correctly, at the end Thomas will see Gabby dead with a knife in her stomach. For rush players, the exact passages formula to activate Wayward Dreamer is Up, Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, over the Tomb and Up. To continue to Destroyed Dreams, player has to go to the opposite directions that Gabby takes. Similar to the previous method, to know if you are going the right direction, take one passage first then if you see Gabby, go back and take the other one. Notice that after one section with no Gabby and you see her again, don't go back because that's supposed to happen. The formula for it is Gabby, nothing, Lil's Gabby, nothing, Lil' Gabby. If player correctly done the above. Lil' Thomas will see a dead adult Gabby (instead of dead Lil' Gabby). For rush players, the exact formula to activate Destroyed Dreams is Up, Down, Up, Down, Down, over the Tomb, Up.