Thomas Bedroom Dolls

Thomas Smith standing in a bedroom with several dolls.

A doll is a miniature porcelain-like model of a human being that appears in Neverending Nightmares. There are different kinds of them, but most dolls wear old-styled dresses and beaded necklaces (others wear infant garments such as bibs and diapers). Every doll in the game has no eyes, and some dolls will blink when Thomas Smith is nearby. Overall, dolls simply serve as decorations in rooms and hallways.

Young Thomas Doll Death

Young Thomas being disemboweled by a doll.

Dolls appear in almost every nightmare in the game, but they are much more prominent in Lost Child and especially Wayward Dreamer. In fact, in the latter nightmare the dolls actually become a threat to Thomas, as certain ones will animate and pursue after him. If one of these dolls catches Thomas, it will pierce his stomach and pull out his intestines with its hands. The only way Thomas can evade these dolls is to simply outrun them, but at one point he will actually be forced to succumb to death by them in order to proceed.

Bridal Doll Happy 2

A smiling bridal doll.

In addition to the numerous dolls seen throughout the game, there are several bridal dolls that can be found as well. These dolls wear wedding dresses with veils and are unique because Thomas can inspect them, which is indicated by their bouquets of magenta flowers. When a bridal doll is examined, a close-up of its face and torso is shown. The facial expressions of these dolls include neutral, surprised, and happy. Most bridal dolls have cracked faces, with even a few dolls having ones that look skull-like. A few bridal dolls in the game will creepily blink shortly upon being inspected for the first time. A few of them also somewhat resemble Gabrielle Smith. Bridal dolls appear in Lost Child, Wayward Dreamer, and Final Descent; only about five of them are in each of these nightmares.


  • The frowning/surprised bridal doll is the most common variant in the game; it appears four times and it can be found at least once in all the nightmares that bridal dolls are featured in.
  • According to a Dev Diary by Matt Gilgenbach, the dolls that chase after Thomas in Wayward Dreamer at one point had voices.[1]



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