Nightmare Gabby
Nightmare gabby
Location House

Nightmare Gabby is one of the monsters from Neverending Nightmares. Like the other enemies in the game, contact with this creature will result in instant death.

Appearance Edit

Nightmare Gabby is seen in-game as an exact copy of Gabrielle Smith as a child, except she has no eyes and her mouth has been slit into a permanent smile, and she is also crying blood, similar to Nightmare Thomas. Her hair is messy and ragged, and the bottom of her dress is spotted with blood. The giant knife that she carries is soaked in blood.

Role Edit

Contact with this enemy will result in her raising the giant knife over her head and slamming it down into Thomas Smith's shoulder, causing a giant gash to form along his side.

Nightmare Gabby appears in Together at Last as the main enemy. Thomas cannot walk past here because she will kill him, so as soon as he sees the sparks emanating from her scraping the knife across the floor, he has to walk away from her until he cannot hear the scraping noises.

To enter the nightmare Final Descent, Thomas has to encounter Nightmare Gabby again in a library and succumb to death by her. The nightmare ends with Thomas grinding his hand in the meat grinder.

Nightmare Gabby appears again in the latter nightmare, this time in light, but Thomas' strategy is the same: walk away from her until she disappears and he can no longer hear her scraping the knife.

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