Asylum Inmate
Location Asylum
Level Insanity

The Asylum Inmate, also known as the Patient is one of the monsters from Neverending Nightmares. Like the other enemies in the game, contact with this creature will result in instant death.

Appearance Edit

The Asylum Inmate appears to be a tall adult male clad in a strait jacket that has been bound with many straps. His hands are tied behind his back. He has multiple stitches along his cheeks and forehead where blood seeps from. His eyes appear to have been removed and sewn up also. The bottom of his pants are torn and he doesn't appear to have shoes on.

Role Edit

Like most enemies, contact with this monster will result in death. He will jump onto Thomas Smith and bite into his neck, as three trails of blood squirt out of Thomas's neck. The way to avoid these monsters is to exploit their blindness. They cannot see and rely on hearing to find Thomas. Sprinting, stepping on broken glass, or getting too close will result in them detecting you and killing you. They can however, be lured away from areas by stepping on glass and walking away.