The Coming Storm
Level Number 2
Previous Level The Nightmare Begins
Next Level Lost Child

The Coming Storm is the second level of Neverending Nightmares.

Level Description Edit

The Coming Storm begins when Thomas wakes up after coming across Gabrielle's grave. Upon waking up, he sees his sister, alive and in front of him. She seemed confused, saying that the two would meet for breakfast. Thomas explains to her his nightmare. However, Gabrielle just laughs and says she's fine, and that he always promised he'd take care of his little sister.

After Gabrielle tells him to try and get back to sleep. She heads outside, only nowhere to be found.

This level introduces two usable items in the game, the red candle, and the axe.

Cutscene Edit

When you grab the candle from the desk, and head down into the basement, you find an axe that has blood on the end. Upon picking up the axe, the candle goes out, and you hear a loud growling noise.

The cutscene involves Thomas pulling out an artery like a piece of string, screaming.